Wind the wires around my jaded shattered heart.
This moment is the one from which I will make a start.
Build a prison to contain all my sorrow.
It will be started at some point in the ‘morrow.
Until then the pain still tends to bite.
Each new pass I start to feel nearly right.
Sick to say but it is honestly true.
I am me and not an ounce of you.

Pricked my thin skin with barbs atop this pole.
Each new wound felt like a successful goal.
Then came in my mental quake.
It spat about how I am a mistake.
Fractured by the days in dream.
A moment through which I tended to scream.
Bile trapped in the back of my throat.
I could sense I was about to choke.

Tear the fat from across my ruined soul.
I sold it to the one claimed to be most foul.
Winged fallen creature of blood.
The same that bathes in the fountain of mud.
I bow to it and state my claim.
Inform that I wish to be bathed in flame.
Wretched stench I pass to thee.
Words he offered freely.

Isolated on the mount of unperturbed pain.
From this angle I managed to build my fame.
Tangled down in the hollows.
Sucking out the bone marrows.
Feasted upon the joys of unending stain.
These memories brought me back again.
Light the path to what I’d become.
I adore the beating of this drum.

Twisted beneath the tree of terror.
From here it only ever gets better.
A chant drenched in virgin grit.
Convulsing within the filthy pit.
Statements that were passed to you.
Don’t dare claim that you have no clue.
For I am this and you joined me.
Together we will descend and breed depravity.

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