Dug Right In

Panic lies right beneath the skin.I never wanted to let it in.Wormed its way to the win.I can feel it creeping. But the crawl isn’t quite enough.Everything it wants to call a bluff.Makes me question what came before.All the names wear at my core.Sabotage each new prospect.Little that it does not affect.It’s like I’m woodContinue reading “Dug Right In”

Taking The Reins

This is a story without heroes. As to whether who you brand villains, or the worst of those who appear, is up to you. Past that, this is a story set in our near future but is a hyper negative version of where it could end up. Really can’t say more than that without spoilingContinue reading “Taking The Reins”

Realm Of Madness

Neurotic and psychotic,It’s all you want to be.Time to tear it down and build something not forged in misery. You may say that talk is cheap and that can be true,But would you rather watch the world come for you?I say no but you won’t make a sound.Your dedication is not bordering on the profound.JustContinue reading “Realm Of Madness”