Wow, last story of March already. Time really does fly. Anyway, to the point. This week it is a Sci-Fi story, but one where no one is really the hero. Some characters you might like more than others. However, none of them are meant to be heroes. They are meant to be ordinary people. ApartContinue reading “A.R.I.”


Ghouls and goblins.Things you don’t want to meet.Linger in the shadows.Ready to cut out the meek.Plus teeth like knives,With smiles so cruel.They chatter in tongues.And they’re coming for you. Devils and draugrs.Weilding all wordly fears.Stand on your shoulders,Armed with vicious spears.Plus teeth like knives,With smiles so cruel.They chatter in tongues.And they’re coming for you. MarkContinue reading “Bump”


Stolen from their once safe beds.Only to be beaten and scarred ’til death.And no one wanted to say a word.Then one day voices were finally heard.Investigation into the claims of pain.Accounts scrawled across journals most insane.Sentencing heard from three hundred souls.Claims that more than double had been felled. Countess of blood,You pretended to be misunderstood.Continue reading “Bathory”

Twin Flame

Love, light and plenty of fire.All of them build to desire.Shot through the heart to alight.Made a spark that fuelled just right. Passion filled the air to bursting.Both of us were thirsting.Eager for a taste at heaven.The watchers said number seven. Passed the chalice to take a sip.Then you did bite my lip.Forged the infernoContinue reading “Twin Flame”

Warped Glory

This time round I have a story in which there are no heroes. It might seem like one or two are but they aren’t meant to be. It’s a world in which everyone is out for themselves. At the time of writing it there was no thought as to what inspired it but looking atContinue reading “Warped Glory”


Leech off ideas born from the few.What you claim never started with you. Break down and assimilate,Every word makes you hate;Can you really say it’s healthy?To me it seems like inequality.A fascination with being right.Every moment wanting a bright…Light to shine as if that’s proof,Of every word you say being truth. Scratch out the linesContinue reading “Incitement”

Merriment And Tale

I want more than an empty void.Then come calls for a man called Lloyd.No idea what its all about.Then appear the suits with a smirk and some clout. Motions are what brought you along.One day they might be long gone.But at no point did I agree to this.Then comes in the final punching fist.A strikeContinue reading “Merriment And Tale”