Forging Steel

Time has come for another story post. This week I’ve got a story that was inspired by the Halo Universe, the Spartan program to be exact. Yet, it has my own twist on the general idea of creating the perfect soldier, who isn’t meant to be as perfect or as anonymous as a Spartan-II. ButContinue reading “Forging Steel”


Flow through the trenches.Feed on the stone.Temples of nature.Sphere that’s our home. Writhe in the dirt.Erode and redeposit.Carve at the surface.Make it cursive. Write the tales of history.Forge new masses of ingenuity.Empires rise and fall again.But we are permanent and unending. Trickle then roar.Cutting some more.Mark out the heavens.Always in sessions.

Growing Pains

Violence is not a state of mind;It is an affliction that’s most unkind.Release the pain and set it free;If you don’t you’ll drown in negativity. These are words to commit to memory.Say this before you count to three.You have no reason to beat yourself.That will never save your health.And shortening days is a crime.Don’t fallContinue reading “Growing Pains”

Talent And Treachery

Hey everybody! Back for another story post. This time I have a fiction story. Don’t really have any other categorization to give it beyond that. Though, I think you might believe otherwise when you start reading it. That’s all I’m saying. Not spoiling anything. Just a little hint is all you’re getting. Anyway, it’s aboutContinue reading “Talent And Treachery”

Judgement Rendered

Testify to the gods below about how you don’t deserve this though.Did they heed your words like you thought that they would?Or was it just a pointless waste of time you haven’t got?These are questions that you should’ve thought.But you were too busy drinking in all of your hype.Did you never hear that indulging willContinue reading “Judgement Rendered”

Through The Shallows

Raindrops pour from the sky again.It feels like it just won’t wane.Your mood fits with the weather.You’re really not feeling clever.Roam about with your head low.Misery will not let you go;Release the hold it has on you.Offer a respite if only for a few. Cause it won’t last forever.Keep your chin up and endeavour.Fight throughContinue reading “Through The Shallows”