No More

Surrender, surrender.
Don’t wish to contend her.
I’m a survivor.
Simply wish to thrive here.
Newer and fewer.
We bow to our ruler.
Possess and suppress.
Not a path to bless.
Inspire and fly higher.
Cast out the final liar.

Here in the back of a very open field,
We build these monuments to yield.
Beg to the gods who bore us fruit,
The first of which have started to shoot.
A haven this is and we will defend,
Never will we let the corrupt pretend.
Worm their ways into our township,
If we did then we’d all down slip.
Crumple under endless blue,
Not a place for any to stew.
So we guard day and night.
Display what is our might.
Forge a future bathed and clean.
This space of ours is most serene.
No doom has ever reached these shores.
A mass that is without the sores.
Scars that indicate battle.
When innocents had been treated like cattle.
Slaughtered down to strands of gore.
Not something we abide or ignore;
And so we simply do not.
Done away with what was left of rot.
So join us if you wish to sing,
Never have to be forced to swing;
Blade or axe against your brethren.
To us that sounds like armageddon.

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