Seeking Peace

I took a risk on marching out to the lake.
Needed some time so I could just break.
Gather myself among the water and trees.
Taste the pollen as it floats on the breeze.

But all I found were empty zones in my head.
Shallow and echoing it was strange to admit.
I don’t know how it got to that point I must say.
What I do know is that I can’t let it stay that way.

So board up the failures and the weakest links;
I will not resort to drowning my sorrow in drinks.
No solutions are found in the bottom of a bottle.
Dancing with such might just make me hostile.

Happenstance is not quite irregularity.
Vent the pollution to get it out of me.
Raise the flag thats is dark as the night.
The white doesn’t belong here cause I must fight.

Brave all the menaces and drive on through.
Perform my miracles until all are slew.
Not a victory that I will take lightly.
However its the only way I’ll ever burn brightly.
So at the end that is the most bitter of pills.
I wish not a single soul any kind of ills.
All the corpses were up in my mind.
Never would I inflict this on living or strike me blind.

Tales from the outlands still scream in my ears.
Now I feel absolutely no fears.
With that I must say that peace is commended.
And my fractured mind is now mended.

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