In A Rut

Cage surrounds and controls.
Landing me with a role.
Position locked to a spot.
Siphons until its all I got.
That’s not a life for me.
Sounds more like insanity.
Picking at me like a scab.
Want to feel something and grab.
Mould it with my fists.
Not be enraged by it.
Cause who wants to be angry?
I’d do away with it gladly.
So simply hand me the key,
Or tell me how to get free.
Its all I ask!
In clean air I wish to bask.
Not feel like I’m boxed in.
That can never be called living.
When you can’t touch a soul.
It feels like a nightmare roll.
Cursed dice that screwed…
Me until I scream my mood.
Vent it to the ether.
Doing so makes me feel cheaper.
A shell without a mass.
Except for all the wrath.
Confined within a dot.
Don’t want to feel that’s all I got.

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