Days Are Long

I’m not listening anymore.
I don’t care if I’m a bore.
Let me dwell and be happy.
Stop trying to always be so crappy.
I get that you don’t like the same.
That you just wish to play a game.
But to me this life is not so easy.
Why I have to absorb it freely.

Unmitigated by your hand of God.
Don’t want to be a part of the flood.
Lost in a maze that hurts my brain.
Putting up with that might see me burst into flame.

I can’t deal with it any longer.
No your antics aren’t stronger.
They’re just a shield to resist.
No more of this raised up fist.
It isn’t fun or even clever.
Feels like you failed to sever;
Realise that I’m not like you.
That there are days I may feel blue.

Uninspired and locked in wallow.
Its not about feeling sorrow.
Phases come and they go.
Just let me work through all of it though.

Yes I know I need to lay my head.
Due to so much is spinning while in bed,
And emptying it is not so simple.
I can’t pop emotions like a pimple.
Good you can but that’s not me.
Leave me alone and you’ll see.
I’ll walk out the otherside.
This is all part of my personal ride.

Temporary but still it’s scary.
About everything I feel wary.
But once I’m free it’s all good.
So let me work through this hood.

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