Stacking bricks to the ceiling;
Just the way I’m feeling.
Platics cubes of pure joy;
So much more than just a toy.
Entertainment for all ages;
Not willing to turn pages.

Walking away seems so dull;
When it’s too busy with its pull.
Plus I’m obsessed with all the fun;
Never will it be gone.
So call me whatever you might wish;
Yes I’m a child so go fish.

Any issues lie with you.
Do what you want to.
For I intend to do just that.
Not interested in combat.
Stupid game for cruel souls.
Not one of my lifetime goals.

Make it wide and make it tall;
Build it into the shape of a ball.
I’ve done it once and will again;
Appeals to both boys and men.
Which is why I carry on;
Will do this until all is gone.

Smile wide from ear to ear;
One time there is no fear.
Just imagination and inspiration;
It helps with my situation.
Cause overthinking is a curse;
Makes everything feel worse.

That is why I do this.
No more moments I want to miss.
Construct whatever comes to mind.
Not at all is it defined.
The design seems so boring here.
Just want to enjoy, is that clear?

If its not then that’s on you.
Not that you give a screw.
You don’t need to and I know.
This is how I’ll grow;
Build a place just for me.
Don’t care whether you agree.

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