Shrivel And Snivel

Shrivel these words you snivel.
Every line out your mouth is drivel.
Pivoting just to cause a row.
Still wondering why and how.
It makes little sense to anybody.
Yet sounds like it may be your hobby.
Sad state of affairs.
Pointless to force others into tears.
THough bully would be a better label.
Your past is made from fable.
Not an ounce of truth or compassion.
Behind backs you are always trashing.
Until someone gets in your face.
Then you shrink and try to replace…
Claim that they have it all wrong.
That you called them strong.
But your eyes are the tell.
Get you condemned to hell.
No skin off my nose.
Won’t have to listen to your false woes.
Which is why we will continue to say;
You need to get some real help baby.
Not drag around and pull down…
Every soul to join your frown.
No more time to deal with it.
It’s why we have settled to split.
But before we depart one last thing:
You are not a princess to a king.

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