Forever Hate

Sodden with an air of: who wants to be here in this pit?
Reality is no one wishes to join and be a part of it.
Can’t say I blame them for not wanting that at all.
Twinning might just drag them down in the fall.
A second space without a hint of beauty.
Too many noses turned up being snooty.

With judgement rendered by the dregs,
Think they are desperate for their meds.
Dosage against what they self-inflicted.
Refusing to be aware of what they depicted.
Their own demise and the rise of forever hate.
No wish to admit that they made the gravest mistake.

Cycle unending until that is proven wrong.
It’ll take time for it to become so far gone.
But when trees are aflame and the ground is torn,
Those will be the moments when it’ll be right to mourn,
Amongst the carcasses and angry crows,
Headstones bathe the fields as they stand crooked in rows.

Puncture to the formula of what was said to be the plan.
The ‘greatest’ of all decided it was time they ran.
Took to shelter in the mud and thought themselves to be safe.
Truth is they only branded their futures as a waif.
Wrapping rotten flesh around the downward spiral.
Words out of mouths only now seem to be viral.

Cackled cauldrons upon septic battlefields.
There is no more life left that can yield.
Dust and ash is the scenery that stands strong.
It’s painful not unlike the stabbing of a prong.
Lancing into the gut of what could have been.
Now it is ruptured and spent like a burst spleen.

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