So frequent are the claims that I don’t belong.
I’ve started to hear it in every birds sweet song.
A ripple deep inside that’s beginning to shift.
Once it blooms it’ll be the worst kind of gift.

But you won’t back down,
And can’t seem to quit;
Each day I’m becoming more sickened by it.

Exclusion for reasons never quite explained.
No ground for me in this place will ever be gained.
Just paralysis caused by outside confines.
If only some of you had some spines.

But you won’t shut up,
Or even dare to admit;
That these actions are a targeted hit.

Pull the plug this is not for me.
This pound of flesh can come from somebody…
Else that isn’t being butchered for the fun.
Never should you be calling me hun.
I’m not your puppet on thin strings.
Won’t commit to your madness on false wings.
If you want a twin then look elsewhere.
No longer will my eyes be there to stare.
Meet your every command and will.
I’m free now since taking that pill.
Call me coward or even fool.
At least I will no longer be your tool.

Cause you couldn’t call cut,
Just kept me in a pit;
No longer will I have to feed on your spit.

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