Born For Battle

Aim, I scream, you fire!
Deep within is our desire.
Joined from three minutes in.
We are the devil/angel twin.
Trauma to the head of pain.
Disillusion won’t come round again.
Promise carved into the bark.
One that sat alone in the park.
Upon the hill where we’d play.
Those days seem so far away.
Yet so little has changed.
Unlike others we are not estranged.
We live like the eachothers shadow.
Not to say we haven’t grown though.
Six feet tall and filled with purpose.
To one another we are in service.
Unity without a fault to see.
I am you and you are me.
Never will we try to flee.
Our destiny is fighting you see.
Back to back against the odds.
Screw all these self-proclaiming gods.
So you shout ready and I screech now!
Upon these realms we will chow.

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