Vent Contemporary

I took the root out from the ground.
Thought this might be the way to sound,
Like an enemy not ready for the war.
Tired of mounting revenge against the sore.

I just want a way to vent contemporary!

Linger in the faults of the vision.
Too little too late is the decision.
Sections missing from the puzzle.
Mind filled with nothing but a riddle.

Give me an outlet to be somebody!

What stands is but a fraction.
Plans need an adoption.
Route to the lesser cut.
This world is akin to a nut.
Confined within a hardened shell.
All actions performed by the tolling bell.
Give me an option to walk free.
Period where I can just be.
Not have to dwell and ignore.
Twist myself into a bore.
Not something I want anymore.

Snap the stem to ignite regrowth.
If not then I will be both.
Trapped and stunted in the sun.
Be held at the point of a loaded gun.

Not a position I can withstand for long!

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