Beholder Is Colder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Pity so much is becoming colder.
Based on one, two or three.
Selection of the image to get some prosperity.
But in truth none of them have a care.
It’s why all they do is sit and stare.
Judgement rendered if they don’t agree.
Fanatics and fools fill an inbox with uncertainty.
Cause the mind is one tracked and coming loose.
You know this without the need for proof.
And to say you’re sick would be too mild.
So many voices screaming like a child.
If only they weren’t all grown ass souls.
Unable to understand that you have other roles,
Not needing to be pigeon holed into one place,
When all of the world is a permanent stage.
Sad truth is that it just keeps spinning.
And all these monikers demand you be grinning.
Which is why you’re beginning to feel the bite.
Along with it comes a welling of spite.
This was never how it was supposed to be.
Rather you were confident you’d change that decree.
Forge a new path all of your own.
Reality is the game is set in stone.
So when I say that beauty is key;
I’m simply reminding you to not be naive.

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