Sick And Sadness

Sick of the loss,
And sick of the losing.
Sick of the heartache,
And sick of…

Watching so many fall away.
These moments are precious,
Don’t want all this decay.
With a head full of memories,
And a heart full of names;
It keeps on turning until the very end.

Sick of the seperation,
And sick of the tolls.
Sick of the screams,
Cause they’re all getting old.

Visions upon the parchment,
Carved like old lumps of wood.
All these moments are reflected,
None of them misunderstood.
So smile at the good times,
Cause of them there are so many.

Sad from the goodbyes,
Sad from the pains,
Sad from the departures,
They all hurt the same.

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