Hi, it’s me!
Would you like to talk maybe?
Introductions and questions follow on.
Line after line we are getting along.
All sounds good with no confusion.
Both parties are without delusion.
Without realising the minutes have become days.
Two having passed when everything fades.
No response, no indication.
Just blanked mid-conversation.
What is the reason?
Is there a cause?
No way of knowing.
Time to get going.
Cause people are strange.
Never seems to change.
All about the games.
Forget all the names.
They serve no purpose.
Did someone curse us?
Haven’t a clue but seems unlikely.
So I carry on spritely.
Another chat ends much the same.
Just as well there is no flame.
If there was someone would be hurt.
Bored of this cycling through dirt.
So I give up and you give in.
Unknown ships that keep on passing.
Switch off the light and lock the door.
This is the inevitable we tried to ignore.

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