Climb the ladder without an ounce of remorse.
Whatever comes will serve the collision course.
An event you orchastrated to gain some ground.
There is no way of simply getting around…
Every game that you have pieced together.
One wrong move will see us unwillingly wither.
Crumple up so you can get your way.
This is despicable, I really must say.
That you think stepping on is working up.
To make matters worse you resort to a cut;
Slash the skin that aided your ascent.
Almost like you believe you’re heaven sent.
Cruel joke that you would swear is true.
You are just a social climber wanting to renew;
Reforge an image that looks less criminal.
Problem is the past is always recoverable,
And it’ll come back to bite your lying ass.
Then all will see what you want is cash.
Gold-digger that refuses to accept the name.
Much like you refuse to admit any blame.
In your life you portray you have made no errors.
Just want to preach about all the others.
Belittle those who you have never met.
How about you just get?

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