Yes I Know

You say I sold my soul to reach my goal.
But the truth is I have never told,
The reality of why I’m still here.
Never even sipped on beer.
For all my words are far too jumbled.
Around me walls seem to have crumbled.
And if I thought it was in my head,
I’d look for a place to make my bed.
Somehow it has never come to that.
A few think me mad as a matter of fact.
But I’d rather be alive and well.
Not drowned at the bottom of some well.
Quite a few have met such a fate.
All stemming from a single mistake.
Such a waste I would have to say.
Not sure as to whether you agree.
It matters little to the point of naught.
Many dreams have long since been bought.
But not mine I can proudly declare.
They will not take me from here.
So keep it quiet and know the board.
Just encase you better pack a chord.
Safety line to get free.
It’s how I’m still standing see.
Thought before I skip I will admit,
You were so wrong about that bit.
I would never sell myself so cheap.
Those are prices I find too steep.
A contradiction yes I know.
Either way it’s time for me to go.

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