What’s With…

What’s with the bottle?
Is it for comfort?
Won’t stop you feeling awful,
Or becoming triumphant.
So how about you try speaking to me?
I’m not here to judge, or make you feel guilty.
Just think it might help, but it’s up to you.
I’ve seen the way you’re crumbling and sinking from view.
We all know the cause, or at least can guess it.
You’re feeling a mess because you’re restricted.
But don’t give up hope it’s not set in stone.
Everyone deserves to be the monarch on their own throne.

What’s with the glances?
Are you still the same?
You’re not out of chances.
Just don’t partake in the game.
Choose what matters and ignore all the rest.
Everything you do just should be your best.
Not by the standards of those all around.
It should be based off what makes you feel proud.
Cause all that matters is what is closest to you.
All of the outside noise should mean nothing too.
It is not your life and not what you want.
So drink from these waters they are your font.

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