Societal Failure

What is this disaster to which we seem to gather?
False statements which come across as blather.
Stop with the speak and make a change.
Too much time is spent on the low range.
Peripheral manipulation meant to fool.
It truly comes across as incessant drool.
Corporate speak without the company.
Sick of listening to yet another flunky.

Why do we repeat the mistakes of the past?
They are the sort of things we should blast;
Fire out to leave them in the past and its dirt.
Rather than keep reissuing all of the hurt,
Only to make statments about lessons learned.
If that were true we wouldn’t keep being burned.
Little more than a corpse remains in place.
Should be termed a societal failure disgrace.

Ingrained flaws that are not a part of nature.
Our progress is like that managed by a glacier.
Nothing is perfect and we know that to be true,
But our species is far from being new.
Intelligence should’ve dictated change.
Not kept us in this limbo of estrange.
Little to show but continuing to brag.
Care more about cloth formed into a flag.

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