Fifty-fifty and which side are you?
Perhaps you are part of those that spew.
Left or right you are still the problem.
Try walking down the middle column.

Cause organisations are built to fail.
They are far too exploitable and frail.
Pin your name to a flag and you will sink.
At some point your group will be the link.
Those who are part of the decline.
Cults are common and intended by design,
To drag you in and twist your opinion.
In truth they want global dominion.

If you believe in freedom don’t be a sheep.
Following them is how they make you weak.
Stand for you and not some predefined notion.
Cause all they want is blind devotion.

Moniker might change but members do not.
All you have is what they crave and want.
Extremism is an affliction similar to disease.
It will cut you down at your knees.

Politically correct until there are no words left.
Healthy souls in which they wish to put a cleft.
Exported opinions meant to serve as fact.
Reality is that’s how peace will be attacked.
Cancel the sky if it would hand them the keys.
Sign up to them and you’ll be begging please.
Scraps from the table that’ll be treated like gold.
No conscious do they hold because they’re cold.

Desperate fanatics bent on human control.
They would not admit but that is there goal.
So form your opinions based on impartial fact.
Everything else is meant to help distract.

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