Split The Bones

Cycle of hate.To perpetuate is not fate. Spit the bones out from your teeth.Harboured pain that needs to cease. Decroum has been thrown to the wolves.All that remains are the skins of fools.Hand me down an empty tome.Carve the eyes so far from home;With a twisted metal rusted heart.You have no glory to make youContinue reading “Split The Bones”

Imitation Of Maturity

Childish with your world view.So much junk do you spew.Obsessed with being right.Far too eager to pick a fight. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Just leave the past where it does lay.Digging it up does nothing of use,And it might just become a noose.Tighten until all you do is choke.All while punishing normalContinue reading “Imitation Of Maturity”

Blind With Sight

Excuses just to play with lives.In my opinion it is quite contrived.Another story with no proof.Starting to think this is a spoof.Manufactured outrage for some glory.OK, fair enough continue you’re allegory. Just don’t come up to us,When you are falling at the rush.See your halls fill up with souls.Once everything is out of control. SpoutContinue reading “Blind With Sight”

Where Do I Belong?

Where in the heavens do I fit with the plan?Feels like I’ve drifted across every single span.It’s cold, dark and every noise puts me on edge.If this goes on any longer I’m not sure I’ll still have a grip on this ledge. So give me guidance and maybe some spurring.Cause after this long it feelsContinue reading “Where Do I Belong?”

Faceless Pseudonyms

Anonymous is so incongruous,But is that even right to say?Not sure but I wish it to be that way.Cause too many hide behind a mask.Feels like going from first to last.Lagging at the back of the line.Every word I say be dubbed a crime.With no one real to back a point.Everything is starting to disjoint.JuxtaposeContinue reading “Faceless Pseudonyms”