Fifty-fifty and which side are you?Perhaps you are part of those that spew.Left or right you are still the problem.Try walking down the middle column. Cause organisations are built to fail.They are far too exploitable and frail.Pin your name to a flag and you will sink.At some point your group will be the link.Those whoContinue reading “Insensitive”

Societal Failure

What is this disaster to which we seem to gather?False statements which come across as blather.Stop with the speak and make a change.Too much time is spent on the low range.Peripheral manipulation meant to fool.It truly comes across as incessant drool.Corporate speak without the company.Sick of listening to yet another flunky. Why do we repeatContinue reading “Societal Failure”


Red sky fills the morning.Waiting on the shepherds warning.Omen for this new day.Could do with it sliding away.To leave misfortune at the door.Don’t want to suffer the madness no more.Yet crop failure is his decree.Hence why many villagers want him cut free.Loose him upon the open road.Have others cursed him for his words owed. OneContinue reading “Superstition”


Spout the violence all you want is more.To the table what you bring is war.See the embers you snuff them out.Hate filled statements are all you spout.Fixed agendas that you keep out of view.All you’re doing in fuelling the spew! Replace free speech.Disregard each piece.If they are not with you,You cry slanderous statements to… WhipContinue reading “Espouse”

Cut The Labels

Stop trying to make out that group one is better than two.Every side is human so we are all guilty too. Lying won’t change the facts that we are a species of death.Locusts and plagues have nothing on us.Collectively use all that we can touch.No thought in our heads for if it’s too much.The answerContinue reading “Cut The Labels”

Present Descent

Failure to comprehend your own fucking language.Might as well steal and lazily languish.But leaving you alone,Might bring about oblivion. Cause you’re blind like a selfish soul who won’t admit,That every view they have is twisted and violent.And still you preach the words…Stop madness we urge.But our voices are forgotten…Plus, everyone present is descended and rotten.Continue reading “Present Descent”

Illusion Throne

You’re not a few you’re so many,Twist words to buy integrity.Find a cause, pin it to your heart.Forgot about the truth telling part.Alternate, you made it a goal.Sick of hearing this infection though.Your definitions are just lies.The rest of us are sick of the cries. Warped and jaded;Life that’s denigrated.Picked and alone.Sat upon an illusionContinue reading “Illusion Throne”