Absolute Zero

Absolute zero.
That is you as a hero.
Powers of an everyman.
Could do with being a barbarian.
For your intent is lacking.
Each new day you are slacking.
Speak but only sound comes out.
And when you speak it is chock full of doubt.

Wrapped in spandex like a fool;
You don’t look anything close to cool.
Just a guy who crosses the line.
Interferring in things that are fine.
Looks more like an excuse to mingle;
No surprise that you’re still single.

Manners of an exiled troll.
You always demand a toll.
Payment for your misdeeds.
Moral compass that exceeds,
How low a person is able to sink.
If only you’re ego would shrink.
Wither down to normal size.
Not parade in that non-disguise.

Trailed by that frayed rag you adore;
You couldn’t be more of a bore.
Twisted too and intent on lies.
You have never fought off man sized flies?
Delusion you placed into your head;
It is what we have all constantly said.

Pitch a tent to get a grip.
Before into the pit you do slip.
Cause friends have run away.
Don’t want to be counted as they.
For your hands are too damaging.
And you need some examining.
Brand built on a lack of foundation.
You lack every kind of action.

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