Body Mortis

Walk into the night.
Stars shining so bright.
Knife between the teeth.
Hoping for relief.
Hide amongst the shade.
Pray the debts been paid.

Here lies the body mortis.
It is of sole importance.
Hand upon the brave.
Nothing left to crave.
With a strike to the heart.
Extinguished was that spark.

Razors at the ready.
Striking hand is steady.
Preparation for the kill.
Blood soon will spill.
Stain does mark the end.
To say victim is pretend.

Last day in the sun.
Believing its just begun.
Naive to the truth.
Soon you’ll see the proof.
Serves upon a plate.
To try to bargain is too late.

Not much more to say.
Body left to waste and decay.
Payment has been made.
Body mortis is fully paid.
No more struggling.
For this is declared as fin.

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