Raise the gates, for no longer shall I wait.
Prepare my horse, for I shall march to the source.
Battle hardened and prepared to fall, I will sound the war cry call.
Think me scared I think you thick; death will always come right quick.
Axe in hand sharp and ready, my hand will hold it strong and steady.
Paralyse enemies with fear; no chance to retreat from here.
Cut off from the world beyond; I refuse to break my forged bond.
Body drained but pushing through; adversaries are struggling too.
Clash has raged for a thousand days; the sky is filled with all the greys.
Polished steel with scars and scores; in this skirmish there are no laws.
Survival is whatever you might do, otherwise the reaper is coming for you.
Battered blades and dulled minds; feels like I am fighting off some binds.
Hampered movement I can’t cut loose; the thrill of war did secude.
Brought us here to wile away; everything feels like it did betray.
Carve a hole into our ribs; somebody has been telling fibs.
Set us up so we might fail; regardless I am determined to prevail.
And when I crawl back to home, I will make the culprit choke on bone.
For treachery is not our code, so for that they will be revealed a toad.
Pleasure I shall take in watching their end; how dare they ever call themself friend.
Killing blow comes in late; just as well that I did wait.
Still my balance cannot hold; for that my teacher would scold.
But they are gone from this realm; it is why I am adorned with their helm.
A gift offered before they parted, they were incredibly bighearted.
But that does not change my current state; a flash of defeat marks my fate.
I curse the braggard whoever they might be; wishing they are posioned before years reach three.
I will not see it or even know, but faith I put into that ending though.

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