Strip the flesh from my form.
I will continue to weather the storm.
Assaulted by screaming wind.
Anyone would think that I have sinned.
Blasted by driving rain.
All it brings are the vicious stings of pain.
Hollow me and decry.
Forever I will look up to the sky.
Snap my body in two.
I shall continue to push right on through.
No sign that I will quit.
The world will just have to get used to it.
My core will take much more.
Every attempt you make proves you a bore.

Deny me sustenance.
See if that brings some kind of recompense.
Answers are aborted.
Years of torment to which you resorted.
Weathered by all you do.
Remain unable to get through to you.
Paradise built on lie.
Friends have been chopped down by the hands of my,
Enemy who resumes;
They are numerous like our fallen tombs.
Desecration in view.
We can’t speak a word to any of you.
One day soon none will stand.
Try then and see if you can save this land.

Alone I sit in hell.
I have been removed of all of my shell.
Feel naked with it gone.
Exposure means I’ve been bleached by the sun.
Before long I will go.
Time is short as far as I believe though.
Raindrops burn all they touch.
The agony has become far too much.
Then factor in wind too.
It feels like razors are slicing through.
Little remains of me.
Exhausted from all of this misery.
Breaking point has been found.
Soon I will be a silent lifeless mound.

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