Right Hand Of Ruin

Bow down to your eternally chosen master.
That way your ascent will be much faster.
And with a gauntleted fist across your heart,
You show how willing you are to start;
Execute the orders that are given.
It’s a command to dispatch the hidden.
Those who dwell in the dark.
They have been nothing but a shark;
Busily baying for the greatest kill.
Aim to slaughter your master still.
But will you walk on by?
For you know those ordered to die.
A bitter kind of disaster;
Will you take part in the chapter?
Bring about the pain you’re commanded to.
Or are these people too dear to you?
Thoughts are thick with doubt and worry.
They race about with such a flurry.
Hamper you and the name you’ve carved.
Makes you feel like you’ve been halved,
To the traitors you wish to speak.
So up the sewers pipes you do sneak.
Converse with them is what you do.
In response they reveal a coup.
You think them mad but they say listen.
So in silence you let them christen,
The plan they propose to change the world.
Sounds too good to not be unfurled.
Then they demand to know your side.
Another war against emotion and pride.
Not that a chance comes to be,
For your masters forces assault greedily.
Capture or kill every gathered soul.
Then your master reveals his real goal.
He knew you were wise but torn.
For that he swears you will feel scorn.
So orders you to slaughter the captured few.
Blood out of body does swiftly spew.
Screaming regret you are detained.
With shackles you are restrained.
Sick smile upon your masters face.
You would give anything to replace;
Trade with those who are no more.
A promise is spoken to settle the score.
Former master cackles but swears;
That you will be reduced to tears.
Smug look upon his face.
Time to rend it and replace.
It’s what avoice says in your ear.
It fills you with special fear.
You know it well but had hoped,
That it had long since eloped.
Truth is no and now you feel,
Your body engulfed by its zeal.
Breaking bonds you cause a shock;
Here lies true power without a lock.
Former master orders death.
But it is he who takes his last breath.
Tyranny has been brought to heel.
No more will you ever kneel.
Bathed in new purpose which speaks to you.
Universe is now under much needed review.

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