Excerpt From Events

Chances remaining to me are too few.
I get why there is a demand I stay away from you.
Emotions are raw and I was the blade.
Came in like a butcher without an ounce of attention paid.
Struck the match and caused the burn.
No way I will deny that which I did turn.
So deliver your punishment unto me.
For I have been the monster scaring you constantly.
I know its coming but I can’t makes demands of you.
Whatever you decide is what I will do.

How much pain did you inflict on me?
And now you think I should follow that path willingly.
In your world that might be fair,
But from where I originate such things only bring despair.
Just give me time and a chance to heal.
Following that I might once again be able to feel,
Something that doesn’t bring me pain.
I’m not the sort to direct the flame.
You should’ve thought and not come swinging in.
That’s why my head is in a spin.

What he did should not stand.
That predator should be marked with a brand.
I do not care if she doesn’t feel the same.
Her life has and never will be part of some game.
He should’ve known that and acted right.
Spoke to her in a manner that was polite.
Yet instead he whirled like a hurricane.
Forcing her to wilt under all the strain.
From our position we know it to be true.
They need to end this relationship too.

All parties accounted for and sworn in.
Time to administer the review of everything.
No judgement here will be passed.
These are simply the accounts that have amassed.
Quiet please because there is plenty here,
And none of us want to be present until next year.
It’s an indication of how many layers exist.
No part of all that’s happened will be missed.
With that said we should continue.
Ready for the next statement on this issue.

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