Calm does follow on from a storm.
My reaction is that I feel forlorn.
Nature melded with my blood.
Perhaps I am just misunderstood.

Wary glances often cast my way.
It is the same every single day.
You would think I am crook.
From the way these people look.

However I have never stole a thing.
Not even that reckless woman’s ring.
The one found on that famous thief.
His crimes could never be called brief.

Apologies I have gone off on a tangent.
TIme I stop being mentally transient.
Get back to the point I planned to make.
Before there comes a new mistake.

So where was I, I don’t quite recall.
Oh that was it I was defending my all.
Judgement has been rendered unto me.
When truth was learned I was offered no apology.

From that day the sideways looks remained.
You would think that I had once reigned;
Been a tyrant over souls,
Made them trudge over hot coals.

But no such thing have I done.
I simply prefer to be under sun.
Frolicking in natures annals.
Away from all those wilting candles.

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