Nature Speaks

Ears split as the thunder rolls.
It’s frightening and taking its tolls.
Payment wanted up front in full.
This storm has a relentless pull.

Demand that everybody heeds the call.
If you don’t then you will fall.
There is no doubt because it is fact.
Relent now before you’re cracked,
By the bursts of lightning bolts.
Heart stopping value of volts.
Believe that you are prepared?
Then why do you look scared?

Reality is you aren’t so sure.
Just trying to act mature.
But terror cannot be dismissed.
For it shall always resist.

Mount an attack against your mind.
Warp all of the darkness it does find.
Speak truth without arrogance,
Or be denied your inheritance.
And become struck from lifes book.
No longer would you get to look;
Though when the clouds move on through,
Danger will have passed you.

So wait it out and hold your tongue.
When the all clear is sounded you may say you won.

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