Feeling the sweat run down my back.
Not sure if I am still on track.
Vision blurred and muscles ache,
Yet all the same I push through it.
Not a dereliction to my duty.
Self-appointed and lacking beauty.
I do what I must and hope it’s enough.
Life one day might call my bluff.
If it comes I’ll work on through.
Not giving up on me no matter so…
Prepare for flames to burn brighter still.
My intensity could well make me ill.
Change is what you should attempt.
Those words I refused to accept.
Have a limit I know that now.
Just have to manage it somehow.
Doesn’t mean I will not falter or fail.
What it does mean is what I will continue to prevail.
Pull myself back from the brink.
Not let my mind and body sink.
Drop down from the summit to which I’ve scaled.
Yet if it happens I can still retread the path I trailed.

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