Pit And Cage

Pins dig between my fingers.
Cannot say it only lingers.
Itch for which I know no cure.
Seems all it does is act as lure.

Hook in the mouth to drag me in.
Every moment feels like sin.
What should be right I’m told is wrong.
Punishment is running on too long.

Pick my pieces shattered from mold.
Before and after has turned ice cold.
Sense of semblance lost to chatter.
Brain little more than a scatter.

Picture perfect false decree.
Body woven into lifes tapestry.
Second late to declare my stance.
Upon my future grave they swear to dance.

Desperately I climb on.
Forgotten where I’m from.
Pause in state I can’t settle.
Degradation of my mettle.
Bottomed out and I refuse;
Will not match what you accuse.
Monster in the recessed corner.
I am not just a mourner.

Take these chains and leave me be.
Peace is not the same as misery.
Know my wishes and don’t betray.
This is from where I will begin reconvey.

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