Truth Be Damned

From the heavens descended every spectre.
We watched and declared it disaster.
No thought for the loss or the victim.
This is the epitome of our system.
Think of one but not the whole.
Regressed thinking is the toll.

Matched in shadows and fractured in light.
Seconds are but a start of the fight.
Telegraph devoid of point.
It’s like a species wide joint.
Inhale to bring forth the delusion.
Enemy is our only conclusion.

Birthed out of inflicted chaos.
Nail ourselves unto the cross.
Withered skin twinned with pain.
We are at it yet again.
Except we refuse to see.
Soon we will define misery.

Carved our souls to fashion what’s elite.
Its a tool which we use to beat,
Sanity out of the wise who we need.
These are the patterns of our greed.
An idol of glass is the sinners spawn.
Watch it as our blood is drawn.

Melted face of our forsaken promise.
No longer can we bow to the goddess.
Crooked face deformed by the crone.
Our failing about which we do moan.
Prophecy has now come to pass.
Our humanity is a farce.

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