Tricks And Traders

Stare in the eyes of oh so pretty.
Might bring forth a brand new ditty.
Croon until the sun comes up.
Then repeat until filled is the cup.
From here on out its up to you.
Exploitation doesn’t have to spew.
Breed like bacteria in a jar.
Your twinned lives can go far.
Effort is the name of the game.
Don’t expect to gain an ounce of fame.
If celebrity is what your crave.
Best you both decide to wave,
Goodbye and fare thee well.
Neither of you are under a spell.
But is that what you truly seek?
Be honest as there is no retreat.
A choice is final and cannot be rewound.
Reconvergence is not a tactic that is sound.
Luck is how best to term if you reconnect.
Does that sound like an option to select?
It is an option I will agree but…
Well make your decision as you want it to be.
Pressure comes only from inside.
I ask you are sure before you decide,
Times up I’m sorry to say.
What will be your choice today?
Defer I’m afraid is not in the cards.
It’s not like I’m one of the bards.
You take each other over renown?
No, I don’t think the decision will let you down.
Work is hard but you can prevail.
Perfect union through life to sail.
Now scoot along for I’ve done my bit.
Yes that’s right, you have all the spirit.
Hence why I wish you well.
This pair will avoid the tentacles of hell.
I’m on my way and overjoyed,
For they circumvented the trap I deployed.
So few do, I’m saddened to say.
Will this is the end; no really.

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