Carved across the endless face.
Meandering with a flowing current.
Poisoned by the greed of many.
All born from the loins of the few.
Disaster is impending.
There will be no escaping it too.

Jagged is the road it takes.
Vital is its ancient place.
Lose the river and damn the globe.
There is no alternate mode.
Now heeds the calls,
Or accept you soon shall crumble.

Mighty master across the lands.
Sub-continent over which it commands.
While man is but a tiny fool,
Threatening to destroy what we can’t control.
Respect the river!
If you don’t you’ll curse the flow.

Stubborn dimwits who believe in cash.
Betray nature, it bites back.
Our command does not exist.
While it can mash us like ant under fist.
Shuffle us into the past.
Don’t think you will outlast…

All the power.
All the pain.
All which you refuse to explain.
For we are nothing to its discharge.
Everything about it is extra large.

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