Julie’s Sailing

Launch into the ether.
From up here you see.
Break the mold and carry through.
None of them are listening to you.
A day filled with grace betrayed.
What is this life most played?

Saunter in the open door.
You don’t live here anymore.
Claim that is fired free.
Too much dictating has come to be.
Sanctions line the walls with proof.
Morphing as if they are spoof.

Bow to masters in the fog.
Not how you wish to flog;
Seek payment from the steps below.
Upon which so many sold the know.
Hence why you need to flee.
Get out and so far far away from we.

Paralysed by the boundless smoke.
These are tomes used to choke.
Bury the void deep with loss.
Names to carve upon the cross.
Falsified and judging strong.
Every word spoken shows they’re wrong.

Parrot back the threads they speak.
Upon this throne sit the meek.
Fashioned from a distorted shell.
Proving how far we fell.
While Julie sits amongst the stones.
Surrounded by the mass grave of bones.

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