Ear Worm

Pitter patter the rain does fall.
Darkened corners in alleys stand tall,
And around the bend is but a distant sound.
Not sure if I’m imagining it go round.

Reaches my ears for it calls to me.
Don’t let us fail; is its plea.
Sharp ripple runs down my back.
I settle on staying away from that.

Yet no matter the road I walk,
Those voices continue to talk.
Won’t you just leave me be?
All I want is to live fast and free.

No wait, we can see your death.
I don’t believe what you say with a single breath.
They’re lies to get me to move in close.
I must ignore how they are verbose.

Pay no mind if you want to die.
Is that a threat, I demand and cry.
It is not but the truth to come.
Against my better judgement I listen long.

Haunting sounds soon afflict my mind.
Cavorting they reach right to the rind.
Grab a hold and won’t let go.
Now I am but a part of their show.

Passenger in my own body.
Bitter is the pill that made me groggy.
Swallowed down with tremendous force.
If only from this unwanted union I could divorce.

Sadly the dark does not agree.
It commands that we’ll survive as three.
Who’s the other, I wish to know.
Silence is what I’m left with though.

Years pass and still I struggle.
Try as I might the two are trouble.
In each ear they do tend to chatter.
From all this I cannot shatter.

So live as three we do now.
One is darkness, the other is vow.
Its why the bound was one I could not break.
And success would be failure for I’d suffocate.

So with these final words I speak;
Remember not to bow and prove weak.
For if it scares you then stay away,
Or you’ll end up as forsaken as me.

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