Figurehead To Avert The Fires

All the promise you held in your hands.
You could’ve stood tall upon shoulders so grand.
What a sight I would have paid to see.
For it gave people like us a hope to be,
Better than at the level in which we were born.
Not to have to live like a thorn.
Sticking into the side of the mass.
Existence so hard it tends to end in a flash.

Prosperous future was paved out before you.
What was the event that cleaved it in two?
We ask all these questions and I imagine its tough.
But if you speak no answers then its going to snuff,
Out any hope that might remain in those who’re the same.
For they and me want rid of the game.
You know the hardships for you lived through them too.
Please speak to me before the riots ensue.

I want no part in the lies birthed from my rise.
Everything you see here is deceit in disguise.
I never rose out of the pits where we played.
All of the stories have been conjured and made.
For this was a plan carved out by the master.
They who pretend to bow down but really rise faster.
I’m sorry I lied and partook in the role.
If things were different they would not have control.
But they are not which is why in truth I feel ill.
Extorted, exposed, sickened for I helped rack up the bill.
And payment is due in the form of subservience.
For there is no way they will relent their purveyance.

So every word and action involving you is a lie?
I feel so wounded and offended I must cry.
What sort of role model are you?
For you worked against all those who helped to,
Spur you to victory and greater still feats.
While all along you lied through your teeth.
I never wish to see you again.
If I do it’ll be far too soon my venomous non-friend.

No please listen, you do not undetstand.
I’m too am a prisoner here for all they planned.
If you turn away I will not live to see,
Anything other than violent misery.
For our people will be butchered ’til they are spent.
Yes I know its vile but this is the masters intent.
So you must pretend that I never said a thing.
Instead go around continue living.

I wish I could hear words without lies.
But to me that is all I hear in your cries.
Truth or deception it matters so little.
And the peace between us and them is now so brittle.
Yes war will come soon and we will fight.
I imagine it will last many a day and night.
Regardless the victor this is the way.
Better than living like you everyday.

You fool, you’re blind to the pain which will strike.
Have you forgetten they are a fierce Reich?
To stand and accept that we all go to war;
Well that is pure madness I do not implore.
So set down your angers and historical hates.
Subterfuge is what we hold at the gates.
If events are imperfect than plans have to change.
These are the things we can arrange.

I’m sorry but I will listen no more.
You are with them for you all this time saw,
The truth behind stories they spun to keep us in place.
The best term for you is an utter disgrace.
With that in mind allegiances to our kin are full cut.
No way back for you as the door is sealed shut.
Hence this will be the last time we speak.
I know you have more to say but your words I don’t seek.

With that I turned and departed the “throne.”
The one frequented by naught but a drone.
No hand was laid upon me as I left.
Proof that her words were filled with more theft.
For if she spoke truth I would already be dead.
But I am not for I am reciting this like words I have read.
So brothers and sisters prepare for what’s next.
For the “masters” are coming as we did expect.

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