What If

What if treason is not a cause?
Do these words give you reason for pause?
I hope they do for things are not algined.
So many words have morphed to be unkind.
With rants birthed forth from minds under duress.
It all boils back down to the mountains of stress.
We’ve pushed hard for too long and now we’re coming undone.
And I get you don’t want to heed these warning in front of you.
But refuse too long and it’ll be guaranteed too,
Reach from the depths to pull the pin.
See how much progress you make while exploding.

What if science won’t save the day?
Have you ever considered that maybe?
Not a prospect that has yet come to pass.
You might even be thinking my words are crass.
But give it thought and see how far you go.
See if you fall down that same rabbit hole.
For there is no guarantee our knowledge will expand forever.
To believe that is to repeat a false agenda.
Maybe you think its better to be a pretender.
Bury our heads deep beneath the lands.
Force progress while under our feet shift the sands.

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