Seven foot plus and he’s ready to kill.
Its why they call him the demon.
Pistol in hand will be enough.
For anyone else it would be time to snuff;
Hit the dirt and never rise again.
But that isn’t the way with this man.
Bet against him and you will lose.
He’s an armoured hulk that can more than bruise.

Bare fists he’ll beat his foes into pure submission.
Don’t refute you are scared of seeing,
His shadow as that means you’re about to fall,
To an orphan without a surname who is standing tall.
And his possessions they might number low;
Armour, a number and first name to show.
Though he is someone of galactic fame.
Alas you are never going to win the not-a-game.

Business he means with a rifle in hand.
He says little but his actions stand.
Why chatter when it gets zilch done.
Might as well get to the point of the problem.
Irrespective of ammo he can fight to win.
Defeat is not a thing he’ll be accepting.
So I ask will you turn and run?
Or will you get out his way to avoid the gun?

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