Rattle The Beads

Take note, for all your lies are unfolding.You wrote to me as if I’m worth trolling.Every word you type holds no truth.Undoubtedly you would wish to see proof.I don’t need it because we are strangers.And who offers millions without dangers.No one and I know you know.So take your mails and shove them, go. Prophets areContinue reading “Rattle The Beads”

Strips Me

With faded corners and wide spread stumbles,My next chance is contagion in fumbles.Misalign for re-entry that is employed;Sucking out the prospect to be overjoyed.Harsh glare shines out from the star;Bottled up like a heart in a jar.Shake the roots and carve the skin;Now get this existence away from him.Scattered! Tear these strips off of me.WillContinue reading “Strips Me”

Critical Prose

Roses are turning black.Sick of taking flak.Potmarked wretched vile skin.Universe married to ruin. Sedative won’t be enough for the pauper is the crutch.Rest on scales that are unfairly weighted.Bring forth this yob of the fated. Roses are turning black.Sick of taking flak.Potmarked wretched vile skin.Universe married to ruin. Wind the lengths of rope around someContinue reading “Critical Prose”

Julie’s Sailing

Launch into the ether.From up here you see.Break the mold and carry through.None of them are listening to you.A day filled with grace betrayed.What is this life most played? Saunter in the open door.You don’t live here anymore.Claim that is fired free.Too much dictating has come to be.Sanctions line the walls with proof.Morphing as ifContinue reading “Julie’s Sailing”


Carved across the endless face.Meandering with a flowing current.Poisoned by the greed of many.All born from the loins of the few.Disaster is impending.There will be no escaping it too. Jagged is the road it takes.Vital is its ancient place.Lose the river and damn the globe.There is no alternate mode.Now heeds the calls,Or accept you soonContinue reading “Amazon”

Pessimism Turned Away

Shove the demon out of your head.Leave him to fester in the closet.See if he enjoys the dark.For he talks a good show but lets find out.Surety can be the greatest shout.Cause arrogance is not conviction.Too often they are conflicting.Betray the fears of what commands obedience.Bounce it back their way may reveal a grievance.Fear theyContinue reading “Pessimism Turned Away”

Calls From The Confused

Beached upon a sand drift, is how I feel I am missed.Scattered by the seas of an endless sky of moons.Patchwork mosiac I’m not sure how I lose.Segments bathed in the lights of darkness.Somewhere out here is the harshest,Memory of a moment faded by the hour.Climb up high that shadowy tower.Jekyll is hyde except whenContinue reading “Calls From The Confused”