Back And Forth

You want your ritual; I want a right.
What is removed from us is a moment to unite.
Because all we do is argue and all we do is fight;
Give there some time for us to be without any spite.

If you’re looking for solace you won’t find it here.
Smokes in my pocket and hand on a beer.
Chug down the contents then toss it like you.
If you want to ask then join me in our mirrors view.

I hate the road that you force me down.
Sick of the way that hog that crown.
Hunt for days while staying silent.
And if a word is spoken you’ll flip to violent.

What does that mean and why are these the words you say?
Vicious with your malintent, I need to get away.
But to end the fight and admit defeat simply won’t do.
You brought the match and decided to strike it too.

Blah, blah, blah there you go again.
Mouthing off like you’re a real some thing.
But truth be told you are just a speck.
Acting all prim and proper which just makes me sick.

Tough, you lost now get back in line.
Your social distortion has no space and time.
Just a bunch of words that you love to spew.
Its why those listening are severely in the few.

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