I thought it was over,
Looks like I was wrong.
Still my head is spinning.
Not sure where I’ve come from.
Please someone help me;
Get me to stop.
If I don’t soon,
I’m pretty sure I’ll drop.

Wind round the mountain;
Sing from the trees.
Have I ingested something?
I really feel ill at ease.

At least it’s an improvement.
I think that is right.
So much is blurry.
Is it due to fright?

Bounce from the rush;
Slam into the sides.
Vision is unaffected.
Time for a ride?

Not what I was planning.
Does it all sit right?
Hush and speak low;
Before I do reignite.

Up on the down side.
What does that even mean?
Lost in the deep fog.
Am I too into Serene?

Not a proper insight;
Simply a fleeting thought.
Give me a break now,
Or I might have to abort.

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