Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink;
Shame about the way you think.
Claw marks across the walls.
How often do you walk these halls?

Stoic sense of import removed.
Might be time to denounce the used.
For effort in is not guaranteed out.
Sometimes to cement your way you have to shout!

Fair of heart,
Might lend itself to a kickstart.
While jealousy does its thing.
You may think it better if this was a fling.

Happenstance is not happening.
Fresh take on the same old boring.
Grate against to stoke the fires.
So many faces hide behind masks like expert liars.

Yell on the fringe to see if it begins again.
Zero is the hero that needs most of the saving.
Tragedy wrapped in romantic fallacy.
Spell your hope and set it out to be free.
Not in here but this is where you tie the knot.
What you saw maybe you should have forgot!

Pretty in pink;
Grieve the second hand gone in a blink.
For reticence doesn’t have to win the war.
Status does not decide if you are emotionally poor.

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