Not Grasped

You wasted your moment while down in the bay.
Had the opportunity to ask me to stay.
Instead you’re now wondering what you should do next.
The answer is simple, just send me a text.
Don’t overthink or analyse.
Not much point if all you do is surmise.
And if you want to know then direct a question at me.
I’ll answer you like I would anybody.

Scrubbed at your hands ’til skin started to flake.
Muttering a line about how you made a mistake.
Yet do not fixate and believe you’re screwed it all up.
Life is a rollercoaster whether you like it or not.
Its why it’s best to hang on tight.
Even when it gives you a fright.
Cause the greatest moments are the ones without plans.
You’ll welcome them with a clapping of hands.

Starred out the windows begging for change.
Oblivious to how you’ve been labeled strange.
But the truth is not what you would like it to be.
Open your eyes and guide it carefully.
Then ever after can come true.
Cause regrets are not what define you.
Still the choice is something you will have to make.
Just make sure you do it for your own sake.

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