If I hear banter one more time I think I’m gonna scream.Its like I’m trapped in a dull endless dream.So much fascination with filling air.Oh I swear; please stay there. Conformity is not necessarily about giving in.Society has laws and for good reason.Unless you want anarchy to prevail.If that’s you then here is where IContinue reading “Complaints”

Drama Queen

You picked the lock to get ahead,All while pretending to be wrapped up in bed.Distributed a set of self-serving lies;Drawn to them like a spider to trapped flies. There is queen in your drama.Rivers of mascara.Truth is null and void.Manipulation on steroid,Break the chains. Detail lacking in your endless excuses;Time for others has been longContinue reading “Drama Queen”

Stubborn Form

Five years in the fire,Mount the funeral pyre. Lashed against glowing rock.To me this world is shock. But admit defeat I won’t do.All the hate can stay with you.Cause in stubborn form I push right through.Ignore the bile that you spew. A decade of destruction,Leads to pure corruption. Hounded into the grave.Species that’s spent itsContinue reading “Stubborn Form”

Just A Player

Bunny hopping ain’t for nothing. Leap around like an insane fool.All to dodge the bullet spool.Never ending flow of lead.Or is it plasma aimed at your head?I don’t…have a clue. If it misses me then I’ll be pleased to.Because the threat is real.Underestimate if you wish to feel, Butchered.Part of a spree.Savaged.Overkill for me.All theseContinue reading “Just A Player”