Opulence In Crimes

Four thirty pm and not a place to be.Twiddling my thumbs like I’m waiting for glee.When a sharp strike is cast down from the sky.Biting air I try to reconsider all things that made me shy;Funnel the efforts and mount my defences.Quiet is but a period to prepare pretenses. Nine fifteen and I’m totally lost.WhateverContinue reading “Opulence In Crimes”

Bleed The Vaults

Mother of all creation, why?We sail across this endless sea birthed by how you did cry!Drowning in constant dread for impending doom.Signled out is how came about the tomb.Our sacred texts and shattered ships.These short lives which won’t seem to eclipse.Twisted by feats we are challenged with.Why are these the things you have to give?Continue reading “Bleed The Vaults”

Wolf In The Pen

Paint your crosshairs across my faded heart.See if I care when you threaten me in the dark.You see me but I am blind to the sight of you.What is carved deep within has been created too.Madness dressed in lies to expose and inflame.This disease is deadly cause its reached my brain.No more wanting to beContinue reading “Wolf In The Pen”

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink;Shame about the way you think.Claw marks across the walls.How often do you walk these halls? Stoic sense of import removed.Might be time to denounce the used.For effort in is not guaranteed out.Sometimes to cement your way you have to shout! Fair of heart,Might lend itself to a kickstart.While jealousy does its thing.YouContinue reading “Pretty In Pink”


I thought it was over,Looks like I was wrong.Still my head is spinning.Not sure where I’ve come from.Please someone help me;Get me to stop.If I don’t soon,I’m pretty sure I’ll drop. Wind round the mountain;Sing from the trees.Have I ingested something?I really feel ill at ease. At least it’s an improvement.I think that is right.SoContinue reading “Serene”

Digging For Gold

Dig through dirt just to find some jewels.In your opinion everyone else are fools.They slave away upon the hamster wheel.Spinning forever without hopes of a good deal.Desperate to escape the mess of every waking moment.But little do they have to worry about being hit by anothers fury,Cause you’re a… Gold digger!Only here for the cash.GoldContinue reading “Digging For Gold”

Lies That Sustain

Lie.Fucking lie.Fucking lie.Its all you ever perform. Lie.Fucking lie.Fucking lie.Cut the cord and weather. Deep in the dark of shallow waters.I see no reason to give quarters.Vent out the agony imbued in hate.Not about to repeat that aged mistake. With a factor ninety seeping through.All these actions were caused by how you… Lie.Fucking lie.Fucking lie.ItsContinue reading “Lies That Sustain”