My Angel

Winter berries and heavy snow,
From where I once lived with you.
Memories are strong and filled with joy.
Do you remember how you called me boy?
A joking jab aimed at my youthful looks.
While my face was shoved in amongst my books.
And how you have have weathered fairly.
At times I find it to be scary.
For why am I graced with such an angel?

Spring song with rivers that rush;
You remain my premanent crush.
Smiling wide without a solitary care.
How I admire that we are still right here.
Living as we think for us is the best fit.
For in this garden of Eden we love to sit.
No remorse for what has come before.
All of it stands outside our door.
And how am I still graced by you angel?

Summer sun and a need to hide;
About now we could do with a nearby tide.
To cool our bodies and our minds.
That sun is so intense with how it blinds.
But speak ill we do not choose to do.
For these moments are but a few,
And summer brings the joys of exploration.
Alongside them burst our invigoration.
Yet I cannot overcome how you are my angel.

Autumn has returned once more;
Its leaves are endlessly knocking at our door.
Days are cooler and nights quite mild.
To me being here with you is what makes me smile.
It might sound soppy but I don’t care.
You and me was my only prayer,
And it was answered so I’m content.
When I said bliss this is what I meant.
Still at a loss when I see you my angel.

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